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Simplified article images size


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Hi, I'm using Evernote as a content curation tool. When I see an article I like, I simply capture it with Web Clipper as a simplified article.

Then I transfer it via CoSchedule to wordpress.

The problem is that WebClipper resizes the images to a small size that doesn't fit my needs (500px width approx).

I can capture the post as a straight ARTICLE and have full size images, but it will retain all the markup, making the workflow very slow.

Is there any way to capture a SIMPLIFIED ARTICLE with the original image sizes?




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Hi.  No clue as to causes,  but one of the usual suspects is the many and various different ways of coding web layout.  You may already appreciate that the Clipper does an amazing job of converting almost any web content into Evernote's standard display format.  Except in this case it looks like sometimes the pictures that are displayed may be at 150% of their real size instead of 1:1.  There's not going to be a quick fix to resolve that.  All I can suggest is that you try out various options and use whichever mixture of approaches best suits your purpose.

I've used the mobile version of sites,  the 'print' view (where there is one),  I've clipped to Instapaper and Evernote clipped from there,  and I've 'printed' the website to a PDF file which adds nicely to Evernote.  There are many options...

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Thanks Gazumped, I was trying to put up an example with two different sites, and I decided to try web clipper for firefox. In google chrome Site A got the full size images and Site B captured resized images. But when I tried Firefox version of Web Clipper, I got full size imags for both sites.

It seems to be a random issue. It is a bit annoying, but it is still a top notch solution for content curation.



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The exact same problem, although clipper is my babe and definitely does an amazing job but it would be much better if at least the font was not so small compare to the original font size, I really do not care about the background color but the font size is really important and of course the photos 


now, is there any solution for this in 2018?



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