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Evernote won't let me undo

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I am very upset because I spent 2 hours working on something and now I cannot get it back.  For some reason, my program is finicky and it copied and pasted some text over another text.  I keep pressing undo and nothing is happening.  I never closed the program! Even if I somehow copied and pasted the text myself, shouldn't I be able to undo?  


What can I do?!

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Hi.  Always helpful to know what version of Evernote you're using,  and what OS your device runs.  In general Evernote relies on whatever 'undo' function is available within the OS - so a 'shake' in an iPhone,  Ctrl(Cmd)-Z in Windows/Mac.  Sometimes more than one undo operation is required,  and reasonably frequently - depending on the OS - there's no opportunity to 'undo' because the last operation wasn't captured - maybe because of insufficient memory available to record the step.  Desktops are better than mobiles for undo's - they at least have lots of permanent storage to play with.  Browsers (if you're using Evernote Web) are limited however - they do all their processing in a defined amount of space. 

Best advice - when editing,  save (or sync) frequently so that at worst you might lose a few lines of your work on a crash or a major mistake.  On important documents it may even be best to work in a word processor - which saves its files locally - and then copy/ paste your completed text into your note.  If you're going to continue to edit the file,  attach the WP file to the note too - you can open it again when you carry on.

Note History (a paid-for feature) would help you look at earlier versions of your note,  if they existed for long enough to be captured by the process.  Otherwise your device's temporary memory might retain some information - provided it's not been switched off in the meantime.  Sadly it's most likely that your work has been lost - it's happened to me more than once - but I usually find that having usually worked through several edits to get to the previous result,  it's relatively easy (though still a pain) to put it back together from memory.  ;)

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