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Evernote Pushing Upgrades (driving me crazy!)

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Has anyone else downgraded to EN Basic had this experience?    Evernote used to be one of my favourite applications ..... until recently that is.   I wanted to support the business and development of EN and  was a Premium account user for years until I  downgraded from a Premium account to a basic account (I just couldn't justify the cost based on how much I actually used)  this month and at first it gave me the usual, "are YOU SURE?  Look at all the amazing features you'll lose."  thing and I understood that... figuring this was a way to retain premium users.  

Well, it never stopped.  Every single time i sign in on my (now two) allowed devices I see pop-ups and banners "your premium account is about to expire"  or  "your premium account HAS expired"  and when I try to sign in on the web, it asks me to choose what account tier I want .... every single time!   I get notifications or pop ups on the Android version as well as the desk top.   But what really infuriated me is that today I  got the millionth pop-up (edit: * to add that this is in the desktop version)   that says,

"You're halfway to your monthly upload limit. Nice job! Upgrade now and get all the space you'll need"

Which would be another great tool to bring users back to Premium, if it were not for the fact that I have only used a tiny fraction  of my monthly upload allotment. (about 12 kb out of 60 MBs) and am nowhere even close to reaching 5% much less 50% of my  monthly upload limit!!!  

I don't appreciate constant spamming, pushing, deceptive pop-ups  and hectoring to get me to upgrade again.  If this keeps up every day I'm going to just switch to OneNote.   I used to love EN so much but it feels like the vibe has changed... gone is EN Food, Skitch... and a friendly work environment.      Like being pushed to come back to an ex, I'm afraid that customers might resent these attempts and any  thoughts they might have had about upgrading might vanish.



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Hi.  I use a couple of basic accounts as well as my main premium account,  and they're not subject to the same level of activity that you seem to be experiencing (or maybe I tune it out...) - though in both cases these accounts have always been basic and haven't up- or downgraded recently.  Evernote can be guilty of 'over enthusiasm' in some areas,  and apparently they have a new focus on profitability which may have turned up their customer retention and sales settings to 11.  You could try contacting them via Twitter @EvernoteHelps to ask them to stop the spam - and you could check your Personal Settings page online and untick everything under the Emails section,  though I appreciate it's not emails that are the issue.

I don't know whether pop-up blockers or ad-blockers would stop any of the activity you see,  but you might look into it - again I have both,  which might contribute to my quiet life...

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thanks, Gazumped.     While  I've had a few emails sent on this topic too, these banners and fly-outs all appear to be within  the desktop version of EN, the Android version of EN and the web-version itself.  These intrusions don't work like a pop-up ad, so ad blockers don't seem to work.   I suspect that this effort is to change the mind of people who downgraded their accounts after the price hike and they're trying to hang on to customers. Still, it's not the right way to go about it.

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Hmmn.  You're right,  and I'm sorry - couldn't think of any other ways for you to be pro-active on this,  but the ones I did come up were solidly impractical.  I'd still say its worth tweeting Evernote - unless they get feedback on this they'll never know how much annoyance its causing...

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