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I want to export a list of my tags. Why does it have to be so hard?

Tags are essential to using Evernote efficiently, so I care about my tags. Some of them I also use in other applications, and it would be useful to be able to export or copy a list of all my tags. There is no way of doing it in the current version of Evernote, and I would like to see this feature added to future versions.

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Hi.  There's a not specially difficult workaround -

  • Go to All Notes,  List View
  • Ctrl-A to select all lines
  • Ctrl-V to copy
  • Paste to Excel (or other spreadsheet)
  • Delete columns not required
  • Sort remaining,  following procedure to eliminate duplicates
    • e.g. Remove duplicate values -
      • Select the range of cells, or make sure that the active cell is in a table.
      • On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Remove Duplicates.
      • Do one or more of the following: Under Columns, select one or more columns. ...
      • Click OK. ...
      • Click OK.

- If you use multiple tags you may have to further process the remaining list to give you one complete list,  and this doesn't handle a child tag structure at all:  but it does give you the complete set,  which could be stored in a note and kept up to date alongside the in-app tag structure.

On the other hand,  given the ability to 'stack' tags into a hierarchy,  it may be easier to manage the list within Evernote.

I do agree with you that it would be very useful to have a more complete tag management process,  including the ability to export/ print. 

There is a third party option - I've posted before about Evernote Batch - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/97218-consolidating-multiple-accounts/?do=findComment&comment=412594 - it's a paid-for add-in which adds some useful features to note layout as well as some utilities like exporting and importing tag lists and Outlook notes.

Written by someone who seems to be a OneNote app designer...


Beware that last I looked this add-in requires you to downdate Evernote to a previous version to install,  then re-update to the present.  Don't know why,  but it requires extra work to install...


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Workaround, there is a utility called SysExporter by Nirsoft that can help get the list.  SysExporter lets you grab data from a standard Windows list.  So if you have the Assign Tags dialog open you can grab that data and drop it into Excel.  You Ctrl-A the list and use the File menu to export the list.  A little bit of cleanup using sort and the Trim function and you have a list of tags.



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On 2016-11-22 at 1:07 PM, Jørgen Carling said:

I want to export a list of my tags. Why does it have to be so hard?

We have it easier on the Mac side with built in scripting to quickly generate the list.
I could also use database tools to export the tag table to a csv file
I would also include the hierarchy in the export

Still not clear what I would do with the list.  
Another user posted he wanted to use Excel to organize the tags

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1 minute ago, gazumped said:

Yikes!  Good find Cal!

Yeah, necessity being the mother .... 

Used the tool for something else, so I checked and it works in this use case as well.  Sometimes doesn't work, but the tool has come in handy.  Another hammer in the toolkit.

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