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Increase the size of canvas on evernote for iPad



With the recent feature of canvas & handwriting, I love ever note more than before. Its pretty good on my iPad Pro. But I do feel the canvas size is small. Its enough to make quick notes or draw a small sketch. 

But there are at times when I wanted to take handwriting notes for the entire seminar, but small canvas size is limiting what I wanted to do. I use one note on these occasions.


Option to increase the size of the canvas or complete handwriting supported notes

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I +1 that. It should be possible to resize the canvas and/or pinch to zoom in or out.
Sometimes there is no sofisticated app needed, but just simple tools like ink.
Just make it bigger or let us zoom please



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+1 on that idea, thats currently a huge pain for me. I image this could be either be solved by

  1. infinitive canvas or
  2. adding sites to a sketch so one sketch can consist of multiple pages (what i can image should be easy to implement). Like Good Notes or notability does. 

I´m actually voting for the second option. @saravmani89: Does that fulfill your need too?



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You are late to ask for this feature. All posts before your elaborate „+1“ predate v10.

The canvas in v10 is infinite, and when you leave Sketch mode it automatically snaps to the drawings size in the note.

Maybe try next time before enthusiastically posting your support.

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