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Help clipping FDA regulations


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I often clip US Food and Drug Regulations into my Evernote. 21 CFR. I'm looking at 21 CFR 801 Medical Device Labeling. If get the old thing, it shades it black and white. If I get the part I'm interested in (Subpart C), the text in the table is not editable or highlightable in Evernote. Simplify formatting doesn't help. Also webclipper removes hard returns that I'd like to have. Would appreciate help. 




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Hi.  If I select the whole of part C I get a fair copy of all the text and table without the shaded layout of the original.  Individual items in the table are selectable and editable.  You would need to do some editing of the note and print it to PDF to get a presentable layout - copying and pasting the content loses the paragraph spacing.

If it's sufficiently important to play around with the content you might consider variations on printing out the original and scanning it into a note to OCR and convert to a readable document,  or using one of the web pages that will produce PDFs of web pages to the same effect.  Lots of lateral thinking (and effort) required to get traction on editing the text in any meaningful way...

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