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How to "wrap up" each line of text to ensure it shows on screen without having to scroll sideways to "make it fit"?

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Hi.  Can you explain a little more about the setup in which the lines bleed off the screen?  I can make that happen in Evernote by shrinking the note window to very narrow,  but when I open the window out again the full width of the text comes back.  If you want the apparent text size to decrease to match the window size have you tried creating a PDF or JPG of the content?

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This shouldn't happen for a note created within Evernote and only occurs for me with some clipped content from the web.  

For me, it can be fixed using Format/Simplify formatting (or [CTRL][SPACE]).  Note that this will also reset fonts to your EN default, but usually preserves most other formatting of significance.

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