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Show ONLY the note (no toolbars or sidebar)



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When they're rotated to vertical orientation, my Android tablet displays notes without the sidebar (there are vertical margins on either side, so not entirely full-screen). When I switch to a horizontal orientation, the sidebar is shown. I suppose that it could be a user option to hide the sidebar in horizontal orientation, and use the whole screen width for note display.

Edit: my phone displays without a sidebar, in either orientation.

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5 hours ago, njlöhnjö said:

I'd like a view that shows ONLY the note that I'm editing and NO sidebar on the left, so I can use the complete screen area for notetaking

Is this view possible? If so, how?

Hi.  Can you supply a screenshot of the view that you see when note taking?  My Android does show a blank space apart from toolbars above and below...


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Aah, sorry, I described my problem a little mistakable. I meant VIEW the note without sidebars.

I am reading a recipe while cooking and the sidebar is in my way: screenshot attached.

I understand I could go into editing mode, but then I risk to accidentally edit the recipe.


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