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Feature request: option to log out after a certain amount of time or upon exit

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It would be nice if Evernote for WIndows (and Android) had the option to automatically log out after a certain amount of time or upon exit, but until it does, and in answer to another related topic,  I took the liberty to write a very simple AutoHotkey script to manually force Evernote to log out in one step with a hotkey, you can modify it as needed:

Send +#f
Sleep 200
Send !f
Sleep 100
Send o

Explanation of how this works:

1-the first line calls the script (Windows key + letter O),

2-next line calls Evernote if not in the foreground (I chose the Find Win-Shift-F built-in hotkey) this assumes Evernote is running.

3-the two sleep lines are needed so Evernote can catch up before continuing, increase or decrease the numbers if needed.

4-The two Send lines are what force Evernote to log out.

I hope this is helpful to someone, particularly if you already use AutoHotkey (freeware program).  I suspect AutoHotkey probably can be made to do all this automatically, but that would involve a rather complex script, I wanted to keep this simple for now.

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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

Ah.  Just caught up with the 'other' thread on this -

- so I understand the background.  Would you like this post moved to feature requests so people can vote on it?

Sure, I do think that is a missing feature in Evernote, just thought to add a temporary solution, based on the input in the other  thread.

Basically, in case this isn't clear, my hotkey script logs out Evernote in one single step, no matter where you are in Windows, as opposed to the several steps required to do it manually, so it is slightly less annoying to log out when leaving your computer, I think, others may feel the script doesn't add much, I guess.

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2 hours ago, gazumped said:

OK,  done - if you're in favor of this becoming a standard part of Evernote,  click the counter at the top left of the screen.

I guess since I started the topic, I cannot vote? Clicking doesn't work for me.

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