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Using with Surface Book

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Have been a devoted user of Evernote desktop while using Chrome for web browsing.  My work replaced my laptop with a Surface Book and it seems that I am going to need to switch to One Note and Edge to make optimal use of the Surface's touch and pen tools.  I don't want to!  Any ideas for how to optimally integrate Evernote into my Surface workflow?

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Hi.  Have you tried Evernote out on the new surface?  If it's more convenient for you to use One Note and Edge to interface with the touch and pen options I don't see how you can add Evernote into the mix other than as a look-up library for your previous notes.  It's pointless saving the same thing to two databases or (IMHO) using one for work and one for personal - too much switching around.  If you do have the make the switch there are some well-documented conversion routines that will import your Evernote content into OneNote.

On the other hand if you find that it is possible to still work with Evernote,  then you'll have the option of staying with it - although the Touch operability leaves quite a lot to be desired I would gather from other posts here.  It's not possible however to 'sync' between the two systems.  OneNote doesn't use notebooks in the same way as Evernote and has no tags at all.  Evernote doesn't do multi-page collections.

In this case I'd say you have to choose one or the other - but lets see what others here think...

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