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(Archived) Seeking some guidance - PC to Mac



I have just purchased a MacBook Pro and installed EN. I am trying to get all of my notes from my old Windows laptop onto the Mac, but without syncing because it would exceed the 500 mb limit. So what I've done is copy the .exb database file to the Mac and placed it into the Home/Library/Evernote folder hoping EN would pick it up when it was startedt. EN hasn't picked up the file so I must be doing something wrong.

Wondering if someone could assist?



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The 500 mb limitation is only for uploads. If you've been uploading to the EN servers all along, just sync everything down from the EN servers.

To get any notes stored in local, non-sync'd notebooks, probably the best way to do this is export all those notes on the Windows machine to an enex file & import that file on the Mac.

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