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pasting formatted text prepends a space

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Suppose I copy a note link and paste it into another note. As long as there is some sort of text on the same line before the current cursor location, a space will be added. Here are three examples; the vertical bar represents the cursor location and the second line shows the result of the paste.

Note Link

a Note Link

b |
b  Note Link

Suffice it to say that this is obnoxious behavior. (Especially the third example.) Not only do I link my notes together quite a lot, but I also have an AutoHotkey script which adds red underlining to selected text and can be triggered via whatever hotkey one chooses. This results in a space being prepended to the pasted, underlined text. The pattern is the same as the above; unless I've selected text starting at the beginning of the line, Evernote prepends a space. Now, here's something more obnoxious. Suppose I have the following text:

one two three

Here's what happens when I red-underline the middle word:

one  two three

Not only is a space prepended, but the highlighting is broken. This is not what I want. I have read elsewhere that some like the fact that pasting prepends a space, but I find it wastes time and makes it much harder to enhance Evernote. I would not be surprised if a great number of people would love the ability to set up AutoHotkey scripts to perform text formatting Evernote doesn't provide UI for, but does support via its HTML rendering engine. Sadly, Evernote's "smart" paste feature—or buggy pasting—makes this an ugly user experience.


P.S. Sometimes no space is prepended, if the formatted text were copied from an Evernote. However, then there can be other bugs, which I shall not go into at the time.

P.P.S. The same highlight-breaking behavior happens regardless of whether the pasted HTML has either nesting of two <span> elements (one highlight, the other bottom-border), or one combined <span> element.

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