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Issues with accents in Evernote for Android v7.9.6 when using any external bluetooth keyboard

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Wondering if someone else is seeing this issue which is making it virtually impossible to use Evernote in my Samsung Galaxy tab S2 table with an external bluetooth keyboard.

Issue description:

  • Premium Evernote account
  • Evernote for Android v7.9.6 (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2)
  • External bluetooth keyboard, Spanish keyboard layout (I have tested and reproduced this issue with three different BT keyboards from 3 different brands, so I can certainly discard this issue is keyboard related
  • When typing text (from the BT keyboard) into the body of a text note, when I type an accented letter, subsequent characters (even spaces!) will also have an accent (see attached screenshot)
  • This won't happen when editing note title (in the same note)
  • This won't happen if I switch to other app and use the same keyboard to enter text in that app.

I'd say this could be some sort of bug... 

So, is anyone else experiencing this?

Is this a known bug? If not, could somebody advise how should I proceed to report this to Evernote Support, please?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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I have a similar experience. 

The same happens with the following setup:

  • Samsung Tablet S3
  • Samsung Cover with integrated keyboard with Portuguese layout
  • Android 7.0

After the first accented char, all subsequent chars are also accented (the accentuation remains active) until the first char that cannot be accentuated. See attached image.

It happens in Evernote note text field. It does not happen in Evernote title field or with Samsung Notes, for example.

Thanks in advance for any guidance. 


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Please check out some of the posts near the bottom of the thread to which I linked previously:

It seems that certain keyboard apps can cause this interference with Evernote's interaction with Bluetooth keyboards. The reason it happens in the Evernote text field and not the title field is that the text field uses a Chrome-based editor, which has caused other difficulties as well.

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Dave-in-Decatur, thanks for your tip. Changing to Swiftkey keyboard solved the problem with the accents. The downsize is that other problems poped-up... :-( Namely, when swiftkey is enabled:

  • I loose the handwriting recognition (that's my main form of text input without the keyboard), which is an alternate to the virtual keyboard (it is activated from within Samsung virtual keyboard);
  • if keyboard language by any reason changes (that happens by reasons I have not yet managed to understand), the keys for changing the keyboard language do not work (I sometimes get stuck with a PT physical keyboard layout and a UK configuration layout...)

The most promising solution right now seems to be: 

  • use Swiftkey keyboard when the external physical keyboard is attached (making sure it is configured to the right layout);
  • use the Samsung keyboard when writing with the virtual keyboard (to use the handwriting recognition)

Plus: accented chars work OK in physical keyboard and I still have handwriting recognition in the tablet. Minus: a lot of keyboard switching in the configurations. It is not "the" solution, but it is certainly "a" solution. I leave it here as it may help other users. 


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