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Making the Web Interface similar to the App Interface



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23 hours ago, alexgarciab said:

Hi, I would like to know if it's on the To Do list to make the web interface as good as the app interface.

Right now I am reluctant to move to the web interface because of the lack of options it offers compared to the app interface.

You've posted your request suggestion in the right place, although you might want to more specific.
For example, which app? There are IOS/Android/Windows/Mac
Also, you might limit your request to specific features, for example the request below


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The old web client was closer to a desktop application (Windows more than Mac, I think), but the move to the new web app was aimed to simplify, and actually lost some of the features that the old web app had. Having a web client that has the same basic features that the Windows client has would be nice. This is in a Product Feedback forum, so other users can vote it up if they want. I did.

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So I am comparing my experience with the Mac desktop app.

Some of the features I would like to see in the web view would be:

  • Sticky sidebar (Ability to keep it always open)
  • Ability to disable the work chat (I am not using it)
  • Ability to apply a compact view to the interface/notes (So items will shrink)
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