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Request: User-Configured "All Notes" Button



I'd like to redefine the "All Notes" button so that it doesn't include notes tagged with "Archive", e.g. -tag:Archive

OR you could add a new button called "Active Notes" which is defined the same way.

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Since different people have different ideas as to what constitutes an 'Active' note, it's probably best just to make a shortcut that does what you want. Depending on the client you're referring to, it's probably just as easy to access a shortcut as it is to access the All Notes button. Seems to be on Windows and Android, anyways.

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13 minutes ago, TdeV said:

Then I'd like to REMOVE the All Notes button from my toolbar.

In Evernote Windows, you can select >Tools > Customize Toolbar

To remove an icon, drag it off to remove.

Evernnote Toolbar edit.png

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