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Add key binding for cmd+s, ctrl+s

Jason W


One thing that really gets to me when I'm using the Evernote Web editor to edit notes is that [Ctrl/Command]-S doesn't work to save the current note. I'm used to this behaviour in Google Docs, Evernote Native (and I think some other web applications as well), and it's a lot easier than clicking on "Save and close" every time I'm worried that I might lose what I've written.

Right now it triggers the "Save Page As..." in my browser, which is definitely not a feature I use on a regular enough basis to have it hot-keyed. I'm pretty sure nobody would complain if they had to use the menu for this feature, since it generally doesn't work all that well on most websites anyways.

If there's some reason this can't be done easily (external editor code perhaps?), could there at least be a "Save" button that doesn't close the current note?

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@jefito I would say its unlikely any users will be saving the webpage as a html file, so in this case it would be ok. If there's a user who really wants to do that they can still click File, Save As.. This is pretty much what Google Docs does.

@gazumped Yup, this is true. But ctrl+s is muscle memory for most people, and usually pressed automatically, as pretty much every other application does this. It's quite annoying getting the 'save the webpage' prompt ,  would be nice to have it do something else like save. Even if it automatically saves.

This feature has been asked for a few times now



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Hi.  Evernote Web saves content regularly and automatically - see the green check mark at the top right,  which periodically changes to a 'swirl' when saves are going through.  You don't need to save manually.  Editing content on the web does have some risks - if the connection goes down,  your current save may not 'take' and some work could be lost.  The browser doesn;t save cintent between sessions.

The installed desktop version for your OS is a safer bet if it's feasible for you to use it - you then have a local copy of the work you're doing,  whether or not the internet connection is active.

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