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(Archived) BUG: Bug in URL validator forbids unknown protocol handlers



This bug is at least a year old and is still in Mac version 1.8.1.

Steps to reproduce bug:

Select text and click to add a link. In the box that appears, type a valid URL that isn't a common protocol. E.g. "mailplane://whatever". The dialog disables the OK button. This is a bug because a URL can have any number of protocol handlers. http://www.w3.org/Addressing/URL/url-spec.txt

Another way to reproduce this bug is to have rich text in another program with a link with an unrecognized protocol handler and paste it into Evernote for Mac. It will paste as plain text.

Fortunately, this isn't a bug in the web version. Unfortunately, I've written support@evernote.com twice about this issue (Case 63630 in Oct 09 and Case 80135 in Jan 10) and have never received a reply. I hope this post helps lead to a fix.

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Thanks for the reply. Indeed, itms:// urls work. The one I really want, mailplane://, still doesn't.

I figure they whitelist the URL protocols that they know will work on any device that someone might view their Evernotes. Maybe also URLs that other people could access in a shared note. I wish they would explain their policy.

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I'm curious if there's been any update/traction/whatever on this topic. I'd love to see protocol handlers work from within my evernotes. In particular, I'd like to drop Papers2 (eg. papers2://publication/..) URIs into my notes so they link straight to papers I am citing.

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