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Not receiving any notifications/reminders on Galaxy Note 5

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I have all settings for reminders and notifications on, but I do not receive any on my phone.  I receive an email in the morning with a list of the day's reminders, but receive nothing on my phone.  I used evernote at a former job several years ago and LOVED the reminders to help me keep on top of everything so I bought the program for my current employer but not receiving the notifications defeats the purpose of the software for my use.  I cannot figure out what the issue is.  My boss has a Galaxy S7 and my settings are the same as his and he receives notifications.  Any ideas? 

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Hi.  Beyond suggesting that you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app (standard fix for all mobile device issues) I see no reason why you should have a different experience from your boss.  I have a Note 4 but can't remember whether I get email or pop-up notifications - I think just email,  but I could be wrong.  Maybe this is just a difference between the Note models and the phones.  The large Evernote Widget will display a list of reminders if that might help,  otherwise I can only suggest you contact support on this directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter

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