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How to "save" the Evernote environment

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I've rebuilt the Evernote database on my new desktop (Win 10) and set it up to look like the old one. But, everytime I load Evernote I get a Snippet View (I want a Side List) and I get a suggestion box (which has to be closed every time).

AND, every time I switch to Side List, I have to re-rearrange the columns. ALSO, the horizontal slide bar automatically slides a bit and hides part of the first column.

Is there any way to change the default view?



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I cant believe such a prominent leader in organizational tools, does not have a basic way to have it open to a set default view.  I have so many different notebooks and categories, but I want it to open to my "To Do, Immediate" Notebook, and In list view, with items sorted by name.  I sort by name and manually give each item a number prefix so I can prioritize.  Thats another huge, crazy unbelievable omission, you cant prioritize, or order items freely! (but that's another post)  So my workaround is to number stuff and sort by name.  Every time I go into Evernote It defaults to all notes. Then I have to switch to my "To Do, Immediate" notebook, then it is in the wrong view setting, then it is sorted wrong. So 20 minutes later I can see my prioritized to do list.  Oh, but this was designed for notes, not to do lists. Whatever!  These are the simplest things in the world that any software like this should have.  I've begun learning code so I can write it myself -might take a while, but would be easier than dealing with what you have, and would also put you out of business.  Okay, maybe not.  All jesting aside. I'm looking at maybe trello, which also isn't really designed for this, but has an amazing fluid interface.  Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these issues.  And I hope that in the spirit of transparency you will allow my views to be heard by posting this.  Please pass this along to your programmers.  These few simple things are a major roadblock for many people who want to use your software. I love what you have going, but I tend not to use it because of the startup curve every time I launch. Hope some of this is constructive feedback. Thanks.

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Namely, please add:

Save default, or Startup View. And have it include notebook, view type, sorting, and if possible window sizes and layout (I know that's harder)

Prioritize items in lists (notebooks) by number system and or dragging the order of items. and of course saving this order.

Thank you for listening. 

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Hi.  In Windows Desktop it's already possible to save searches and direct links to tags and notes under 'Shortcuts'.  Note sorting is also a notebook-by-notebook settable option.  Shortcuts to individual notes can be set from the Windows desktop and the use of ENEX templates allows you to create new notes easily.  Reminders can also act as links to specific sections of the workspace.  I can't see that having the shutdown process extended for long enough to store the exit state would add anything but a new delay.  If Evernote is expected to store the current state as part of the syncing process,  that's another area for potential freezes and delays.  You're entitled to your views of course,  but I don't want to see anything slower than what we currently have... 

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I just installed evernote on my new windows PC and run into a similar problem: after selecting the List View, I exit evernote (  File->Close) .  When starting up, the Fragments view is selected again, instead of the List View.  I didn't have that problem on my old PC with the same evernote version.

Any idea how to solve this?


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Doesnt seem like I'm the only one with this issue.   It sounds like your saying that this stuff is addressed in windows version.  Namely the view issue is solved by shortcuts,  and you can prioritize notes.  Is this correct?  Will this be implemented cross platforms? - - it does not   need to be saved as an exit state.  If you allow user to set current view as default view.  Talking about 1 button,  and 1or 2 variables.   Open to: notebook name, view type.  And yes it would be  very valuable to have this sync. 

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Er,  this is a Windows desktop forum hence my comments - and we're mainly user-supported,  so -for the most part- don't have any great background information on differences between the UIs.  Developers will crawl around here at some point,  so if there are lots of comments on your point it may get more attention.  You actually might like to raise it in one of the feature request forums which have a voting button to count any +1's that come along...

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Thanks, Regardless of the not really helpful "Er" comment.  I guess as a user I need to navigate around to all your different forums to make sure I'm asking in the right one, Instead of just sending an email to support.  To tell you the truth, I am am a mac user, and android user, and web user, so I don't know what forum I should be going to (oddly enough I ended up on windows forum, I guess I'm an idiot)  Frankly I don't care anymore. I will continue to use your service as I actively search for a replacement.  Its apparent to me that you have a large enough market share in another, larger niche (or not).  I understand that business decision.  I will be doing everything in my power to find or create a service that fulfills my needs. Necessity is the mother of invention. I wish you guys all the best.  Going to be looking at other existing services as well like slack.  Too bad, you had great potential, and a decent market share at one point. Perhaps  being an early  leader, your code got antiquated and clunky and now more money to modernize.  Thats speculation of course.  If I was CEO, I'd take any development dollars and build it from scratch using modern, universal framework, like google docs.  Change your technology to keep up with the trends while you can still capitalize on your marketshare and good will.   Without that effort EV will be trampled.  Surely no one of adequate authority will ever see this, but I'm a passionate  crusader of the good cause, so I share/ rant one last time anyway. Au Revoir Simone.

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FWIW, my mysterious En behaviour (where the program wouldn't remember how I configured it) mysteriously vanished a few days after my last post. I had explained it all to Support and we were walking through my configuration, when *poof* everything righted itself.

I'm blaming it on magic. :D

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I have confirmed this to be the MOST annoying issue. This needs to be looked at by Support in my opinion. I'm going to open a case.


I have enclosed the BEFORE and AFTER screen shots. I have even taken the extra step of performing a SYNC and waiting 20 minutes before exiting Evernotes.




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DARN! I fix it :o

Now I have nothing to show Support! :wacko:

The fix you ask? :ph34r:

  1. Select the columns and size them accordingly.
  2. Just above columns, and below the search bar, right click so you are presented with a Save Search... option.
  3. Name this something (I choose ALL for both fields.
  4. Exit Evernote without selecting the SYNC option.
  5. Return to Evernote.

Either the steps above fixed the Evernote issue, or it was that this last time, I had KILLED the EvernoteClipper.exe problem before I re-opened Evernote, and sorted out my column, then performed the steps listed above.

Good look Evernote Support team! Please send me my one year free coupon to the email address on file :D

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