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(Archived) ToDo Checkboxes Disappeared on Mac but not iPad




I created a list of ToDo checkboxes using my Mac client. I then used my iPad to start checking these off as I completed the items. The next time I synced my Mac client, though, all of the checkboxes disappeared. I can see them on the iPad (and iPhone) but not on my Mac. I completely re-created the list and tried again but got the same results. Is this a known bug?


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It would be useful if you could also check this note from a desktop web browser in your account. If the checkboxes appeared on the web UI, then that would narrow down the source of the problem.


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I experienced the same issue, and have verified that the checkboxes can be seen on the web interface, the iPhone but not on the Mac client. The boxes only disappear on the mac client after one of the boxes in the note is toggled while accessing it on the iPhone.

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Thanks for the report. It appears that there may be a problem on the Mac client. You could "fix" this note by:

Select the note on the Mac

Export the note

Import the exported note (*.enex) file

Delete the original

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Same issue happening. I did the export, import, delete the original suggestion and still do NOT have ToDo Checkboxes on the Mac. The checkboxes are shown on my iPad, iPhone and Web version.

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By any chance do you know when this particular issue may be cleared up? (a week, several weeks, months?) I completely understand that software debugging is a huge and sometimes crazy process and that you may have many things in front of this, but I was planning to use evernote for a project and using the desktop interface is an important part. Thank you much!

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