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Can't open imported files

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I recently imported some S Memo notes from my Samsung S4 application to Evernote but when I go to access the files it just says 'no application found to open this attachment.' I've downloaded a couple of the Google Play apps that are then launched but none of them have worked.

I have a Basic Evernote account.

Hopefully someone has a solution to this as I really need to access the material on those notes!


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Hi.  This seems to be an S-Note problem rather than an Evernote one:  S-Notes can be synced back either to your Samsung account or to Evernote.  They're saved,  in Evernote,  like a document or a spreadsheet - you need a specific app (ie S-Notes) to open them.  If you're still on the Android,  access them through S-Note,  not Evernote.  I'm not sure about access on any other devices...

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@gazumped is correct on S Note being the only application to be able to open handwritten documents from S Note. It might be worth noting that Samsung created an S Note application on Windows that can be downloaded from here. Once you sign into your Samsung account from there, your notes stored in S Note should load and even allow you to import in the S Note files from other devices.

Hope this helps!

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