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Monthly allowance limits problems

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17 hours ago, viking1359 said:

  I use Evernote on a windows system.  last  month I used about 99% of my allowance.   today i checked my account started. It stated 99% used--29 days left.   There is no way I could use 99% in  1  day!!! HUH???

What plan are you on? The basic plan only allows 60MB so it can easily be used quickly with a few photos.

You might try logging out of and back into the app to see if it changes the calculation if it is an error.

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Two likely scenarios here: 

  1.  The account's limit was reached last month, and the backlog of notes created after the limit was hit caused the limit to immediately max out again after it renewed. 
  2.  The Evernote for Windows Desktop is not displaying accurate info 

Check Evernote Web to confirm what's happening: https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action. If Evernote Web also indicates that you've hit your limit, check to see how many notes were created on the date the upload limit renewed. If Evernote Web shows that you have not hit your upload limit, try @EdH's suggestion of logging out and back into your account. 



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