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(Archived) Wishlist: Ability to import & synchronise data from Clipmate

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This would be really useful and hopefully not too technically challenging to achieve

If we could setup a notebook (or several notebooks) to automatically synchronise with Clipmate collections and databases then we would have the power of evernote's searching along with the convenience of data capture from Clipmate

The author of Clipmate hasn't put any serious effort into making searching easy, efficient and fast and instead has kept focus on the core of his product

I would like to "unlock" the useful data that has been collected and make it easy to find access and organise in a way that is just not possible with the Clipmate product at present

Clipmate has a manual export function that outputs the data as XML (with some encoding for different formats) and this could possibly be used (with some post processing) for occasional transfers but having an automated synchronisation would be much more useful

Clipmate uses a DBISAM database as a backing store so there is potential for directly extracting (updated) data from there and adding it into EN

Mac's have iClip and that may also be useful to synchronise into a common and shared EN notebook

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While it would be difficult for us to develop and maintain support for all of the different utilities like ClipMapte, we intend to make APIs available in the next few months that would allow implementation of this sort of integration with the Evernote service.


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