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Save Outlook Calendar Entries to Evernote



The ability to save emails (and even whole email threads) from Outlook into Evernote is a great feature for capturing significant conversations.

What would be really useful in addition, would be a similar functionality to take Outlook Calendar entries (Meetings and Appointments) and create a new note in Evernote with all the appointment details (e.g.; if the appointment is 10:00AM Tuesday, the note creation date is Tuesday at 10:00 AM.  Any notes or attachments saved in the calendar entry become part of the note.  Information on location and attendees moves into the body of the note.

Here's the practical application.  Very often the calendar entry "builds" over time.  First, nothing more than time, location and participants are locked in.  Then maybe logistical info is added to the notes section of meeting entry in Outlook.  Agenda or other meeting materials (spreadsheets, agendas, draft documents, etc.) get added to the appointment.  

My practice is, at the end of the day, or before leaving on a trip, to create individual notes in Evernote for planned meetings that are scheduled for the next day or while on travel.  Everything I need for the meeting is there, and I can juist open the note and start adding my comments and notes once the meeting starts.   

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