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Evernote Windows Default Font

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I am supporting a user who has a Premium Subscription and uses Windows7, Office365 and Evernote.

Her default Font (in Tools -> Options -> Note) was set at Calibri 12. In the last several days it suddenly change to Tahoma. When I went to change the default back to Calibri, there is no selection for Calibri only Calibri Light.
I checked in an EN note, and highlighted the text and tried to change the font in the note, but only Calibri Light was available - no standard Calibri.
I updated her EN software to 6.4.2 and the same issue is still happening.

I checked in the Windows Control Panel and the Fonts, and Calibri is listed as a standard fault for the laptop.

Any ideas on how I can get standard Calibri back?


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AFAIK Tahoma is the default Evernote font out-of-the-box.

Calibri is a Microsoft font. It sounds like her Calibri font files have become corrupted somehow - maybe searching for help in a Microsoft forum will tell you how to reinstall the font.


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