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Penultimate Supported Sylus



I'm a longtime Evernote user and have been using it with S notes on my Samsung Note 4.  I just purchased an iPad with the thoughts of using it along with Evernote and Penultimate for note taking on a larger screen.  My next step was to purchase an Evernote Jot Script 2 stylus, as advertised in the Evernote Marketplace.  Evidently, according to Adonit, it is no longer in production and there are no future Evernote branded products planned.  What are my options, and what does this say about the future of Penultimate? Is Penultimate now limited to existing owners of the Evernote Jot pens?  Is there a list of Penultimate supported styli, or does anyone know of anything that will work. I don't have an iPad Pro, so the Apple Pencil isn't an option.   Thanks for any help anyone can provide. 

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Hi.  Don't know how many Penultimate users not on Jot Script 2's are likely to comment here.  A good alternative might be to look in Amazon to see what sort of  styluses (styli?) they have available,  and log a question on some of your likely choices to ask whether it will work with Penultimate.  You could also ask other stylus manufacturers. 

Some of these Stylus options are available from Amazon.  I'd imagine that any general purpose iPad stylus should work - but I'm not a Penultimate user...

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