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[BUG] Unable to annotate any Evernote pasted image

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I paste an image into a note.

I click on the newly pasted image. It becomes SELECTED instead of showing the annotate button in the top-left corner!

I have to exit the note and reenter it for the left-click to work properly.

I considered that there wasn't the need to attach an activity log, since this happens to a lot of people (as I found in a google search) and it is a general recurring issue.

It also persists since several versions. I updated evernote 10-20 times and this behaviour has always been present.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Attached is how a pasted image looks inside my note when clicked on instead of it having the annotate button.



2nd thing: there is no way for a free user to submit a bug. I find this counter-productive for the developers.
They should be interested in getting every issue resolved with their software. In my opinion this issue is next in priority to a crash. Because a major function doesn't work the way it's supposed to.


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On 11/11/2016 at 6:08 AM, hype23 said:

2nd thing: there is no way for a free user to submit a bug.

Any users may post in the forums, including the product feedback forums. All posts are read. Moving this post to the product feedback forum for Windows, which is more appropriate.

For the record, I tried, but cannot reproduce this problem as described. I am able to annotate immediately after pasting. However, I did see something weird that is definitely a bug: after copying an image to the clipboard, I created a new note, and pasted the image in. The image showed in the the new note's associated snippet (I work in snippet view), but the note remained empty. Click away to another note, and click back, and the image appears.

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