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Distorted screengrabs when using Full Page or Article

Laura Victor


My screengrabs are coming through incredibly distorted when I select full-page or aricle clips (no problem when I do "screenshot".

Here is a full-page screengrab for www.jdrf.org: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s403/sh/5cf9d189-c36c-4499-a188-d45548b3168b/33743627af2e39d4071c5413ced9841e

And here it is when I select just "screenshot" (looks fine but only the visible section of page):


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Hi.  You don't mention which version of Clipper you have,  but the first comment would be that there's a new one out -

Having said that,  web pages come in an incredible variety of designs and structures,  and sometimes Clipper isn't able to separate the garnish from the main dish - also sometimes the hidden coding that's part of the clip could be affecting how the note displays the content.  There are a lot of options to try...

Look for a 'printable' version of the page - that's usually plainer than the main view.  Similarly,  check for a mobile version (put m. in front of the URL) which will also be much simpler.  Try the 'simplified' version of the page available from Clipper,  or use Simplify or Remove Formatting by right-clicking in the note.

If you only need an article or a picture,  try Clip Selection,  or create a new note and copy/ paste (or click and drag) across.  If there are several items,  use clip selection for the largest,  then copy/ paste or click/ drag the rest.

If all else fails,  check whether you can print the page to PDF and (if you have a PDF editor) crop the page to show only the items,  or the area,  that you need.  Most extreme case - print the thing out,  cut out the bits you need and scan them in!  (I've done that once - I may have been in a bad mood at the time...^_^)

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I have the same issue. My Chrome and clipper are the current version. It is reformatting what is on the screen. It is like the page margins are wider and it is pulling the text around. Sentences don't end on the same portion of the page.

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