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Encryption - iOS app (feature request)



I use Evernote in in order of preference on the following devices:

1. iPhone (iOS app)

2. Work PC (Evernote Web)

3. iPad (iOS app)

4. MacBook Pro (MAC OS app)

5. iMac (MAC OS app)


I am unable to encrypt text in my iPhone (let alone the other encryption abilities that are requested in other posts) so if I wish to change a login and encrypt that within a note, i have to enter it and leave it unencrypted until I return to the desktop version  

Why is this still a problem? Every feature available on the Web or desk top version should be available in the mobile version. Or am I missing something?

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Hi.  In an ideal world every feature on the web/ desktop versions possibly 'should' be available on mobile devices,  but the fact at present is,  they're not.  The respective apps were being developed by separate teams under broad guidelines to 'get the best possible performance out of each platform' - which led to inevitable variations in content and performance.  Recognizing that's not a good way forward (at the least,  every new fix or feature has to be developed separately at least four times...) Evernote are moving towards a harmonized platform,  but inevitably that takes time.  And they have to balance demands for hundreds of other feature developments from users - hence the voting system on this page...

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