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Changing the default PDF Editor

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5 hours ago, EvernoteSamurai said:

I just wanted to check with you whether it is possible in Evernote Premium to open PDF files with another PDF editor instead of the default one. For instance, it would be cool to have it open notes with Papers3 or maybe Skim.

You can right click on the file and click on "open with" to select the apps registered for opending pdfs

For a permanent solution, see http://www.imore.com/how-change-default-apps-os-x

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  • 1 year later...

It depends on what device you're talking about if there any other options to open that elsewhere. The instructions on how to do so were given above, I personally use Evernote both on iOS and in Chrome browser on Windows 10. Speaking of the first you just need to tap the share button on the very PDF you want to open anywhere else, I think it works the same to Android. And speaking of the browser, I make the document shareable and then paste this link to this tool https://pump-it-up-job-form.pdffiller.com/ and it opens it ready to edit. But it's a web app as well

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