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Menu Bar Missing

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Yesterday, the Skitch tool disappeared from the menu bar; it had been there previously before I rearranged my menu bar items.  I'm running macOS 10.12.1:

  • Yes, I've already tried restarting and it still doesn't appear.  
  • No, I selected the Finder and the Skitch tool was NOT hidden behind an application's menus;
  • Yes, the Skitch app is running and in my dock.  
  • Yes, I looked at the Skitch preferences and both helper options are checked.  

How do I get the Skitch tool back into the menu bar?

Thank you.

- nello

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  • 1 year later...

did you ever get an answer to this issue. suddenly it is happening to me. the skitch icon disappears and randomly re-appears in the menu bar. running sierra, not high sierra. thanks!

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I think it might be a simple matter of real estate on the menu bar. when I have apps that have fewer menu choices, like finder, it seems to reappear and when I am in Chrome, it seems to disappear. thank you very much for responding to my query.

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