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Different search results of scanned docs in Evernote Web and Windows client

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I'm premium user for a while already and last weekend I decided to finally go paperless. I scanned bunch of documents with my mobile Evernote App. Everything was OCR'ed properly and available for search. Then yesterday I decided to test scanning documents on my scanner as PDF, JPG and the function of import via specified folder. I worked well, however even after one day scanned documents wouldn't show up in search results (for test purposes I used the same 2 documents which I already successfully scanned by phone to make sure they are scannable and recognizable by OCR). I went to Evernote Web and to my surprise when I search documents there, they all show up in search results, scanned by phone over weekend and on my scanner yesterday. The same with my mobile app, yesterday scanned docs are showing up in search results. Unfortunatelly in my Windows app (which is my main client, used 99% of the time) despite successfull sync those scanned yesterday docs don't show up in search results. What is the reason of such behavoiur? Can it be fixed?      

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Not amazing -- these forums are largely for discussion and support by other Evernote users. Evernote staff do sometimes pop in and do support, make suggestions, etc. but if you have a tech support issue (seems that you do), then your best bet is to go straight to the Evernote Support page: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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Before I posted I browsed the forum and saw many times that people with "Evernote employee" badge wrote some answers. Thanks for your tip, jefito.

Update on my problem: I saw that Evernote Windows client ( on my laptop (running Windows 10 home)  is showing good search results - the same like web and mobile aps on 2 devices. I reinstalled client (had the same version on my desktop computer (running Windows 10 Professional) and it started to show the same search results. Need to see if new scans will OCR and index properly in this client or the problem will repeat.   

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