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Extremely slow to open a long note?

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I have windows 10 and superlative hardware/cpu/ram.  Yet evernote is extremely slow when opening a longer note.  It freezes up ("not responding") for about 10 seconds and then finally makes itself available to do other things.  Does someone have a fix for it or an idea to solve this?

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Hi.  Evernote really hates long notes.  I just make shorter notes.  Keeping a diary,  or a lab book?  Save a template including the heading and/ or tags and make a new note each day - more frequently if necessary.  A simple search will produce the complete series,  or any given time period within it.

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2 hours ago, kkrathi said:

Does someone have a fix for it or an idea to solve this?

The "not responding" problem has been around for several years. Evernote has tried to address it with some of their upgrades. In my case, the problem is not as bad as it was a couple years ago.  Back then I would wait 1-2+ minutes. Now it is much shorter.

Here is a more detailed discussion.


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I had been using Evernote extensively on both a laptop running Win 7 and desktop running Win 10.  Both PCs are high end and less than 2 years old (I kept Win 7 to access the universal search function that Win8 and Office 365 take away).  Evernote in Windows 10 is freezing constantly on me - from anywhere up to several seconds to a minute or more.  Nearly. Every. Note.  Sometimes when moving a note to a different notebook.  Sometimes when adding tags.  Sometimes on copy/paste, or as soon as I open a new note and start typing in the first line.  I can't make rhyme nor reason of it.  I've contacted support and tried all their suggested fixes, but nothing resolved it.  I never had a problem with my laptop running Windows 7 but on my Desktop running 10 Evernote is unusable.  Support told me to use the web version and maybe the next beta will fix some of the issues.  Problem is the functions I use constantly don't work in the web version.  I just lost my job and had to send the laptop back to my employer so getting Win10 usable is critical.  I'm using Evernote to manage my job search so this is a near disaster.  I can't tell if the Windows 10 anniversary update triggered the problem as losing my job (and hence the Win 7 access) and the windows update happened around the same time.  I'm just surprised that nobody else in the forums has reported being affected this badly, I can't believe I'm the only Win 10 anniversary user with major problems.  My thanks to the EN team for working to resolve this and hope something will fix this soon - as a Premium user I expect the services I use to be working.

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@gazumped, thanks for the msg I appreciate it.  After installing the beta I did notice some loading / speed improvements, but the freezes continue.  A Win10 patch update this week also seemed to slightly improve things, but very frequent freezes still occur.  

EN support indicates my freezing problem is caused by a large EN database (14GB) and limitations of EN having some 32-bit components, leading to full consumption of system resources even on 64-bit OS.  Feedback from the support team:

"As a bit of technical background, parts of Evernote are 32-bit (where the OS is 64-bit), 32-bit processes have a smaller "chunk" of system resources available. When the database gets larger and larger (yours is 14GB) and does more tasks (import folders, shortcuts, shared notes and notebooks, etc) more of the resources are used up."

"You are doing Everything right, nothing to change. The team here needs to make sure you do not run out of system resources.

I have made the dev team aware of this issue and they are working on it. If you do want to avoid such issues, the web version is always a great way to get around this. At this time however, there is nothing more I can provide you to improve the performance."

Likely it is more complicated than this, as my Win7 system was 64 bit, used the same 14GB database, and did not have any freezing issues.  In any case, it seems I'll need to survive this problem quite a while longer : (  .  Even on Chrome, I am now sometimes getting the "non-responding" error when clicking links, so I am inclined to believe inefficiencies in the Win10 OS, esp after the anniversary update, are a strong contributor to the "non-responding" issue in EN.  I hope EN can address the 32 bit issue soon.


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