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Revise Auto-tagging New Note



Platform: Windows client

Let's say you have a tag which contains multiple tags, like this:

- tag1
- tag2
- tag3

And then you select tagA. You will see all of the notes which are tagged with tagA as well as tag1, tag2, and tag3. Now, having selected tagA, you create a new note. This will create a new note and automatically tag it with not only tagA, but also tag1, tag2, and tag3. I have to delete all of the unwanted sub-tags of tagA ... This doesn't make sense to me.

I think it would make more sense if when you have tagA selected, and create a new note, it is automatically assigned with ONLY tagA, not any of the child tags. 

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So it sounds as though you have the following options enabled:

  • Tools / Options / Note / New Note Options / "Assign selected tags to new notes"
  • Tools / Options / Navigation / Tags related options /  "Automatically select child tags"

These two together will produce the effect you describe. If you disable the former, then your new note will be created with no tags. If you deselect the latter, your new note will be created with the top-level tag, but you'll also lose the ability to do the "hierarchical" tag search that it allows.

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