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I take notes in my college classes in real time as the instructor is talking. Sometimes I go ahead and prep the next few lines with formatting if I know an information heavy section is coming up. However, when my note exceeds the height of one screen, the note does not auto-scroll down to my last line until I type something. This is very annoying. Enabling and disabling the editing toolbar does not seem to help.

Edit: This wasn't an issue until the latest update (

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I agree. When I'm typing a note and hit carriage return (or Shift+Enter as well) while typing at the bottom line of the screen, the window does not scroll to show the new line of text. This happens with a maximized windowed note, a normal sized windowed note, and the note in the main Evernote window.

Once I start typing, it jumps the screen down to the new line of text, but it should do that with the carriage return. It's especially frustrating when working with bulleted lists as you can use the Tab and Shift+Tab to change the level of indented bullet, but you cannot see the line you're affecting until you actually manually scroll down or start typing text.

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