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Evernote forgets display it was on

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I run Evernote fullscreen on my secondary display. If I reboot my Mac (telling it to remember open windows), when I log back in, Evernote opens in fullscreen but on my primary display. This happens every time. I have to take it out of full screen, move it over to my secondary display then re-enable fullscreen mode.

Other apps that I run in fullscreen on my secondary display don't have this issue and always open up on the secondary display.

Is this a bug in Evernote?

UPDATE: Just realised you can easily reproduce this issue by quitting Evernote, and re-opening it, you don't have to reboot the Mac.

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Doesn't work that way in Windows - I have my Evernote on the left-hand of three screens,  the system screen being to the right.  Whenever Evernote starts up it shows up on the right - left - screen as long as the laptop is docked to that setup.  Otherwise it shows up on the system screen. 

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