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(Archived) Moving notes between notebooks

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I don't seem to have the ability to move notes from one notebook to another. Especially the ability to drag over. I've tried cutting and when I attempt to paste into the new notebook, I'm asked to name a unique tag. When I comply nothing appears in the new note book.

I'm assuming I can treat each notebook like a file folder? I can have a quotes notebook, a picture notebook, etc. Is that note the case? I assume I don't need a new log-in and sign-on for each notebook - correct?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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One login = multiple notebooks. You should be able to move notes from notebook to notebook, without trouble. However, each note can only live in one notebook.

But I think we need more info. What client/platform are you having trouble with? Web? Windows? How are you trying to move the note? More details (screenshots?) and we can probably figure out what you're doing wrong. Or if you're not doing it wrong, then we can narrow down where the flaw is so that the EN team can figure out the bug.

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It's the Windows PC app that I'm trying to do this on. I did find a way to move these last night by clicking on the actual message and then dragging it to the appropriate notebook. Previously I was trying to do this from the "Note List" view - which would be a nice feature. It would also be nice to have a "right click feature" that would let you move the note to a different notebook, similar to MS Outlook

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So, you're doing it the right way now. Don't let the note list fool you - you can only do certain things with it. All the power is in the note headers themselves ;)

I agree - the right-click functionality would be cool.

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