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Sharing multiple notes from different notebooks

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Hi everyone !

Can anyone tell me if the Evernote Android app lets you share multiple notes from different notebooks ? The Windows soft does let you. But when I use my Android app, it seems it does not allow me to share more than one note at a time, which is uncool. If I select one note, the menu shows the "share" functionality, but if I select more than one, the "share" functionality is missing from the menu. That would be very awkward not to have this ability  ...

Can anyone confirm that or am I going wrong somewhere ?


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Hi.  I'm using the current Beta and if I long-press on several individual notes in the All Notes view I can multi-select from any notebook.  There's a menu option to Copy Note Links which gives me a list of https:// 'shard' addresses - ie notes visible on the web.  There's no 'share' in Evernote's standard interactive process.

Notebooks can be shared however,  so if the web page option isn't enough,  your answer might be to share that notebook with one or more individuals and simply move (or copy) new notes to be shared into that notebook.  I already do that in desktop anyway - it reminds me which notes I've shared,  and makes sure I don't inadvertently delete or otherwise mess with the wrong content.

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Thanks for the answer. It does help me understand that I need to go into the Beta if I want to have this option. Hope it will be added in the next version(s) soon !

The workaround you suggested is ok, on condition that you don't share notes very often, otherwise, you really have to create intricate networks of notes and this gets you to move your notes very often as well, which increases the number of notebooks, making it quite fastidious as a consequence.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer !


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