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Left Panel Color Change

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6 minutes ago, m_strat17 said:

Any particular reason for the color change in the left panel?  The contrast is hurting my eyes, and I can't find any place where I can change it.

Platform?Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 10.18.53 AM.png

My Mac has the option to use a light shade on the sidebar

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Well, is there a feature to change the color of the left panel?  If not, then Boo! A very selfish and bad choice.  Please don't try to be another Microsoft who dictates to its users a change from what we're all used to.

Some of us have enough of a vision problem that it is difficult to read light gray on dark gray.  I can barely see it at all and it gives me headaches. We need it to change back to black on white or for there to be an option to select a color of choice.

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On 11/3/2016 at 1:34 PM, jefito said:

Tools / Options / General / User Interface / Left Panel Theme 

Reason is because it's a commonly requested feature. 

And thus we learn something about the nature of programming this, um, elephant. 1,000 people clamor for a new feature, scream and holler on these forums about how long it's taking to get it implemented. It gets implemented. 1,000 people decry it as a step backward. By this I mean no disrespect for, or even disagreement with, those who want or don't want the dark left panel. I only mean that this is a good example of how difficult it must be for the developers to figure out what's really going to be appreciated. At least there's the option to turn this one off.

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The current optional dark theme for the left panel is a bizarre half-step.  Normally one wants an all-light theme, or an all-dark theme (and, of course, the option to switch between them), but half of one and half of the other?  Evernote, please finish the job and give us a proper dark them across the entire user interface (and, of course, also continue to provide the all-light theme, for those who prefer that).

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When I first opened Evernote (on Windows) I was surprised to see the color change of the left panel since I was unaware such a change was being released. It is good that the Evernote team is listening carefully to their users and being responsive, when they can, to their users' needs and preferences. 

The background color change in the left panel in the latest version of Evernote raises an important design issue (not functional or security issues, but design). When a developer (Evernote in this case) introduces a new design feature, should they automatically change the appearance of the product to the new design feature or leave it unchanged (assuming the old settings are still possible)?

It is my opinion that if the change is an optional feature, then the developer should not change the user's existing settings. I would have preferred Evernote to simply notify the users of the option to change the left panel color, but not assume I want the change and make it for me. 

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Not sure where else to post the feedback, so I guess here will do as well as anywhere else. 

I almost stopped using Evernote due to the left panel color change.  The dark theme is horrible!!  I understand some people might light the contrast, but it is still worst default setting update in the last several years of any software I use.  Why set it to the default? 

Maybe the change to a paid user has caused me expect more than I should?  I simply do not want my eyes to hurt when looking at software. 

Thank you to this forum for the steps to change it; otherwise, I would have been moving onto a new program. 

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