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"Merge note" : improvement request



Please improve merge function.

I love this function but currently, when merging some notes to one note,  I can't controll the order of the page.

It's big problem if the merging order of the document is inverted (unexpected order !!!)

It is very hard work to correct the order.

So please add the option to select the merging order.

Or add the function to swap pages after the merging some notes.

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7 hours ago, jefito said:

As this applies to the Mac client, moving it to the Mac Product Feedback subforum, so you Mac users can vote on it...

I'm new to these forums so forgive me following question: Is there a vote button or how does this voting work? 

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26 minutes ago, Brecht said:

I'm new to these forums so forgive me following question: Is there a vote button or how does this voting work? 

Click on the up arrow just above the original post.

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Merging notes on on Windows differs from merging notes on the Mac. 





Evernote for Mac

  • Merged notes are sorted in the same order as they are listed, as specified by the Sort by: options (for example: "Title," "Date Created," "Date Updated," and more).
  • The new note takes the title of the topmost note listed.

Evernote for Windows Desktop

  • Merged notes are sorted in the order the notes are selected for the merge, with the contents of the first note displayed at the top and the contents of the last note selected displayed towards the end of the note.
  • The new note takes the title of the first note you selected for the merge.



I use the function on both and that different functionality is extremely confusing. 

I suggest to use only the Windows method which, to me, seems more logic.


Also, reminders are lost when you merge notes > can you keep the earliest reminder (in case there are several notes with a reminder)?


Thanks, Brecht

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Hi.  If you merge notes,  the original individual notes are moved to the Trash Notebook.  If it turns out wrong,  delete the merged note,  restore the individual notes and try again?

Merging is supposed to work in the order that the notes are selected - first selection is the top.  Sometimes I mess up,  but it takes a few seconds to fix it...

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