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problems by Onenote import

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I want to switch from Onenote to Evernote. When I copy notes to the clipboard and paste into evernote, I only get a PNG, not pure text. If I make an intermediate step over a text editor, it works. This is very tedious. Where could the error be?

Please excuse my bad english :)

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I had been using Onenote for about 1 year. I liked the product generally but all of my colleagues are on Evernote and so I made the switch. The import was overall successful but many of my notes are NOT raw text (they are in PNG or JPG - I can't copy and paste). Is there some way to convert the images to text (note that this is NOT hand written text). Thanks.

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I think that the problem may be what OneNote is putting on the clipboard.

You should look at a 3rd party program like Clipboard Format Spy to show exactly what formats OneNote is putting onto the clipboard when you copy a note to it. Evernote should be able to handle text formats (e.g. CF_TEXT, CF_OEMTEXT, etc.) or HTML, but if they're not there, then it will take what it can get (like an image). I do see OneNote 2016 putting text, HTML, and image (CF_BITMAP) formats onto the clipboard, so I'm not sure what's going on in your case.

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So....the conclusion I see here is that Evernote Android has no way to convert notes sitting in OneNote Android or even from OneNote MacOSX to the Evernote Android application. Short of doing translation shenanigans or spending days manually moving 1000's of entries.

If I have missed some obscure conversion ability of Evernote, please clue me in. Thanks.  

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I'm not sure about the Mac.  On a pc I have done it easily many times.  Make sure you have onenote desktop and evernote desktop version on the same computer.  In evernote, click file from the menu, then import, then microsoft onenote.  The import popup lets you pick which notebooks to import into evernote. 

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