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I'm a huge fan of Evernote and happy to be a premium subscriber. Because your auto-renewal is only once a year, I had forgotten it was time for a renewal and it just showed up on my credit card. I know lots of companies leave it on the customer to make note of their renewal date and cancel in advance, and I'm sure that gets them extra income from people who forget and then just continue with the service. There are several companies I have annual subscriptions that shoot me an email saying, "thanks for renewing" that feels friendly, and the REALLY awesome companies send me a heads up a few days/weeks before the due date with a message that says, "Hey, we love having you as a customer and wanted to remind you that your renewal is coming up!"

Again: I love you, love your product, and completely understand that it benefits you all to just have the auto-renewal without any warning. And PLENTY of companies think it is okay to do it that way. You all seem more like the companies that would want to use that renewal date as an opportunity to connect with your happy customers!




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I completely agree. I love Evernote and decided to try out the Premium version last summer. Over the last year I realized that while the product is amazing for some, I did not use hardly any of the features that come with Premium- the most important one being the option for multiple devices. I had planned to wait until my subscription expired and go back to basic to decide what level of Evernote I really needed. I was surprised to see a charge on my credit card with no prior notification from Evernote. It would be very nice to have at least a reminder email letting you know that you will be charged (especially for those of us working very hard on budgeting).

Once again- thank you for being awesome, and I hope Evernote considers opening up this communication with its customers in the future.

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Same here. No prior notification. What a crappy way to treat your users.

I have requested a refund even though their site says they don't issue any. How convenient for them! Don't send notifications, don't issue refunds = stealing money from you users.

My opinion of Evernote went down several pegs. :angry:



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Supported. After joining last year as a student for AUD22.50, I was just slugged the $90 annual fee with no prior notice this was about to occur. I would have gladly continued my subscription, but such tactics have left a sour taste in my mouth...

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