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Android Character/Number Input Issue

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First, I think it's total garbage that I can't email support directly because I won't pay for a premium subscription. I would pay a one-time charge for this app without argument, but I have to have a subscription?? No thanks.

Now, the real problem: on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7, Android version 6.0.1, EN version 7.9.6), when I enter a standard non-letter character (like a forward slash [/] when entering a date or a parenthesis [()], apparently anything on my standard, non-letter keyboard) the next character autocorrects to whatever I just entered...and I have autocorrect turned off. The following character inputs correctly, and the incidence of this happening is about 75%. I would love to send a full problem log to support, but, you know.

Here's the sample of my super scientific experiment:

Tina 5//4// 
Try 6 ((
Ty &&
Tet //erd
Try <werd this one worked as it is supposed to. No error.
%6 this one also worked as it's supposed to. No error.
Every time the same non-letter character appears twice it is because of the error, not because I entered it twice.
I tried other combinations and couldn't get it to happen, but if I start the line with the non-letter character or if I start a sequence with a number (like a date) it happens fairly consistently.
If anybody knows how to FIX this, let me know. I know how to do work-arounds (e.g. enter things in a certain order, like for dates enter numbers THEN slashes) but I am probably not the only one with his problem and for a program with the kind of power and scope EN has this shouldn't be an issue.
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