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Webclipper on Google Maps



When searching for something on Google we get the web clipper with notes related to our search query, which is a good feature.

Although when going to maps after searching it will show up there as well, which ruins the map shown onscreen.
I've included an image to explain what is happening. 

Could this be changed so it doesn't show up when using Maps?





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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Have a look at clipper Options (at the bottom of the clipper drop-down) there should be a 'show results without related notes' choice in there somewhere...

I actually like the web clipper when it appears in my search results. I would like to have it with normal search results but not in Google Maps results. It is bothering that it changes the layout of the maps page. 

If I'm not mistaken your solution removes the suggested notes from the normal search results as well.

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