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Crash!When copy or paste password

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I have a problem and I do not see anyone have the same like me.

My new iPod Touch 6(iOS 10.1.1) can not login to Evernote. When I copy password from Lastpass  to evernotte(7.18.1), it crash(even type by myself)!

I contact support and reinstall it, nothing changed.

I do a test, when I type 18 bits password, it ok, but the 19th bit, crash! Whether numbers or letters.

Also have a test on iOS 9.3.5, everything is OK.


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3 小時前, 香蕉手錶說:

@DLb2109 Don't forget to mention that you insist having a 34-bit-password. 

Yes,now they reply me I can change my password to 18bits...

They have do their test any still can not find my problem。

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