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Printed notes with PDF documents print out blurry

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I have had contact with support since September 12th, 2014! about an issue with printing out notes with PDF documents attached to it. When I print these notes the quality of the PDF's is very bad. They acknowledged these problems and told me the development guys are working on it. Since then I have regularly emailed to get some status, but they just repeat the same thing over and over again.
Then they closed the ticket (they thought the issue was resolved but they mixed it up with another problem). So, I opened a new one (of coarse refering to the first ticket) and everything repeats itself until today, as the problem is still not resolved.

In a few weeks my yearly premium subscription renews and I have to pay a tremendous higher amount of money for the service. I think it is reasonable to get a solution for this problem that is open for more than two years now! So, can anyone from the Evernote staff tell me how this will be followed? And maybe an explanation how this whole situation of having an open ticket for more than two years is even possible?

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I hoping you received a solution to this issue. I’m having g the same issue. Notes that I print out in Evernote via the printer are blurry. I have made up PDFs outside of Evernote and printed them and they aren’t blurry. I then drop the note inEvernote and try to print t and the note (pdf) is blurry. Trying to figure thisvissue out. I placed a ticket with Evernote, but they claim it isn’t an Evernote issue. I couldn’t disagree more with their analysis, resulting in my additional testing above. Any fix would be appreciated? 

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