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Help files all wrong / outdated?

Rebecca Weeks

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New to penultimate. I just upgraded to 'plus' today to avail of more paper options, but whenever I select something other than the basic options, I just get a blank page.

All of the penultimate help files refer to buttons and options I don't have on my screen! For example -

For more paper options to choose from, tap the paper button (lined paper) to display the paper options bar, then tap the 'Basic' collection or 'Get More' to browse additional collections for sale via in-app purchase.

There is no 'get more' button, or any way to make in app purchases other than plus / premium subscriptions. My screen shot attached, full of blank options.

My app is up to date, so can only assume that the help files are not? Pretty rubbish service if that's the case.

If anyone knows how to unlock the extra papers, tips would be much appreciated! 


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