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The support submit form on iPad is too small


The support submit form on iPad is ridiculiosly  Small - limited to only 500 characters. Could it be increase to allow 2000 or 5000 characters? 

Note that text box in a form is not restricted and message shows funny negative  "left -987" when text exceed the limit.

If for some reason you are not able to increase the limit, add instruction like "if you need to provide more information, you can send it in reply email, when you will receive receipt email for you support request"

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Hi.  Don't know why the input form would be limited,  but as you may have already found out,  you'll get an acknowledgement email pretty immediately with a ticket number.  (If you don't get a ticket,  the request wasn't received.)  Responding to that email will allow you to send more detail.  You can also submit tickets from a desktop.

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