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Creating sequential numbering for notes

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12 hours ago, Wastefactor said:

I am interested in using Evernote in a support/help desk environment and want to know how to create a new note automatically with the next sequential number - anybody have any ideas how to do this?

I could do this on my Mac

I already use a script (documented here) to create a new note from a template and assign title, tags etc

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Thanks for the prompt replies, however I am not a programmer and can't understand how to make this work. How exactly do you use the ENScript function? Is this done from within the Windows Evernote program? If its not too much explanation, what would an end user need to do exactly to create a new note with the next sequential number.

No Probs if too much effort, can take your info to a developer who might be able to help.

Thanks a bunch


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If you're setting up a new note and are happy to rely on the date and time to establish the order of reporting,  the easy way to create new notes with a specific format is to create a 'template' note in your account.  Evernote has a directory of pre-designed templates but you can create your own easily enough - just save a blank note with the headings/ layout (and instructions if necessary) that you need.

Then.  I respectfully disagree with Evernote in one respect.  They say 'use Copy Note To..' to create a copy of the template from your database.  I dislike that because I tend to create copies everywhere but where I need them,  plus from time to time I overwrite my blank template with actual data and have to create a new one.

For me-proof operation I use File > Export (in WIndows Evernote) to save that one note to my desktop as an ENEX file.  Then,  double-clicking that icon will automatically create a new note in my database based on the template content.

It's not possible (AFAIK) to assign a sequential number to such notes,  unless you go to the level of getting a developer to use the Evernote API and create an autonumber feature.  Both Evernote.exe and ENScript will create a new note for you with a variety of options on tags,  titles and notebooks,  but I can't see that they're any more flexible than the template option,  and they would only work in a command window - you'd need a special shortcut to invoke that option which would need to be installed on any device you use.  All you need to do to 'install' the template option is to copy the ENEX file to whatever desktop is in use.


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10 hours ago, Wastefactor said:

No Probs if too much effort, can take your info to a developer who might be able to help.

For Windows, I think you need to take the work to a developer - there is no built in feature

I'm sure this is do-able, and Evernote has implemented APIs to make this easy
I can see having a "Create Support Ticket" icon on your desktop

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