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(Archived) How do I add text to a PDF?



I know it's probably super simplistic and silly, but I am having difficulties adding text to an imported PDF note.

For school, my notes are in PDF format. I normally open these notes in Adobe and use the Typewriter option, as well as highlighting, arrows, circles, drawing tool, and the other options in Adobe. I would really like to be able to add text (I use this the most often) onto the PDF in Evernote after I import the note. Is there anyway I can add a textbox? Is there something really simple here that I am missing, or is it simply unable to be done?


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I don't know about Mac, but on the Windows client, you must double click the PDF which then opens it up in the PDF editor loaded on the computer. (Same way with Excel files, Word files, images, etc.) You can then edit it with your PDF editor.

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I know how to add text on the PDF reader...My issue is adding text to my PDF after I upload it to Evernote as a note.

I understand that. My point is...have you opened up the PDF (in EN) via your PDF editor? On the Windows side, EN does not inherently have a PDF editor, just as it doesn't inherently have a Word editor, Excel editor.


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